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Insults A Gay Faces Day And Night In India!


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Any self-respecting individual can get offended when insulted for no reason whatsoever. But if you are hit under the belt for your sexual choice, your life can become a living hell. As all fans of adult content websites such as gayfucktube.xxx will tell you, there is absolutely no reason to feel ashamed of your sexuality. However, many less respectful people do not understand this and will still try to attack people for their sexual preferences.

That is the fate of gay and lesbian community in India. People use them as punching bags to direct their anger and frustration. They leave no opportunity to put them down and make them feel like an outcast.

The world might be planning to build colonies on Mars, but we Indians still need to broaden their mind and learn to respect the gay community. When you hear these insults, your blood will boil even if you were born straight.

Insults a gay faces in India:

1. I wish I never had you as my son


2. You will never be able to have a legal spouse


3. Even the Gods hate you, high time you migrated elsewhere


4. We will never accept your choice publicly


5. One more word and we will cut you into pieces


6. Don’t even think of mentioning it in your resume, unless you plan to stay jobless

7. Are you the man or the woman?


8. Were you born like this or did you get influenced by the West?


9. What do you prefer – normal or gay porn?


10. I don’t want to move in public with you, might get labeled as gay too

Girl Going out

11. Were you sexually abused in childhood?

Sad Child

Don’t let your blood boil, do something to create awareness…

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