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Where Does The Love Go After A Baby Comes Into Your Life?

There’s no denying that once you have a baby in the house many things change, especially the relationship between husband & wife. For some couples, this change could be drastic. Love changes with time but things get a little sudden with kids in the house. Khurki is here to tell you how things and love change between a couple after a baby came into their lives. How many do you relate with?

Your partner moves a notch lower

It may sound sad, but your partner won’t be your number one priority. Once you have had your baby, you get so occupied with the bundle of joy that you get a little distanced from each other. It obviously could hurt the husband’s feelings, but all you want to do is be around the baby.

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Image Source

You don’t go on dates anymore

If you manage to get some couple time at the end of the day, it would be quite precious. But beware, you will probably spend it with at least one of you passed out on the sofa.


Sexless relationship

Your bed is no longer a place for sex or romance. When you do manage to have sex, you won’t be involved in hours of foreplay and lovemaking like you did on your honeymoon. It will be quick, quiet and probably end abruptly at the sound of your baby screaming.


You start getting jealous of your partner

Watching your partner head off for work makes you jealous of him, while you spend your maternity leave wiping vomit and poop.


You start arguing more often

Most of your arguments now revolve around deciding who is more tired. Once you start keeping a track of who has changed how many nappies will start saving the info for the   next argument.

Portrait of unhappy woman arguing with man in bedroom

You might hate your partner a little

Hormonal changes play havoc with the woman and the result is a crazier man. Husbands go through a hard time because they don’t know how to help.


There’s no such thing as downtime

The time the couple used to have for each other, where one just would just lie on the couch for hours together is gone. Now that time is spent cleaning up, prepping things for the next day – bottles, outfits and doing household chores.


Amneet Kaur
Amneet Kaur
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