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Seven Fashion Goals You Must Accomplish In Your 20s!



Dear girls, don’t we just love it when we can make trends work for us in our own individualistic ways? Undeniably, we do. But there are certain things that are best meant to stay ‘constant’ while others need to be evolved. And same applies to the fashion goals that you definitely should accomplish in your 20s. Game for it? Here we go!

Get into your perfect shape

Whether it is the Kardashians you want to follow or the Samantha League, decide it and work for it.


Flaunt that Little Black Dress

When life throws curves at you, flaunt them in that little black dress! So, once in your 20s own that dress that you have always wanted.



Your perfect pout

Well, this one is important. You need to get the pout right. Find your perfect shade of red and make yourself picture perfect.


Know those beauty hacks

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Heard of those ‘Ready in just 10 minutes‘ beauty hacks? Yeah? Include them in your kitty and be the ever glowing charm of every party.


Learn to deal with a bad hair day

Sometimes you hair just won’t settle. They will go in every possible direction. But it is okay to be prepared with some hacks and deal with it.


Have your signature scent

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Have a signature scent with which people will recognize you and feel your presence. Each time they feel your scent, they will recall your presence.


Have contouring goals

Highlighting and contouring help enhance your best features thereby giving your skin a gorgeous glow. Try that at least once!

So, do not wait any more. Accomplish your fashion goals and look different from the rest. Cheers!

Ritika Bhateja
Ritika Bhateja
Visionary | Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger | Marketer | Contributor at Huffington Post Insta: @afaultbydefault Blog: @AFaultByDefault – There's always more to it.

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