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Self Realization, Are You Trying To Find Your Self? Some Clues…


Amrita Garg
I love solving puzzles, coz i'm a mystery myself. I'm an exploring addict cause getting in touch with nature gives me answers, sometimes...okay most of the times!

Self realization has become a major cause of concern. Nowadays, everyone is quite busy trying to solve the puzzles life offers. People hardly find time to find themselves. But despite being very busy, there are times someone tries to follow one’s inner voice. Questions like who you actually are? Why are you here? What is the purpose of your life? Where do you come from? Where will you go? At certain times all these questions keep on swirling in our minds but we unknowingly try to avoid them. No doubt, we want these questions to be answered but we don’t bother about them much. KHURKI will give you some reasons to feel for it much strongly.

Feeling incomplete

Well, this feeling of being incomplete in itself defines the need for self realization. Because when you realize your being, the motive of human life, all your problems will get sorted. You’ll realize the freedom and this would be refreshing.

Image Source: blog.rgbsocial.com
Image Source: blog.rgbsocial.com

A chord to connect

Your heart can give you a chord to connect but that connection can stay forever only if you work on it. If your heart says you need something, then you only have to work for that. Because ignoring that can never be the solution. You can just put it on hold but can’t overcome that desire.

Image Source: twitter.com
Image Source: twitter.com

Definition of “You”

What according to you “you” is? Is it all about your likes and dislikes, what works for your body to maintain good working order, your passions, your values, the way you connect to the divine and to other humans? Or is it something that you can’t even imagine. Something that you are dying to understand but can’t.

Image Source: www.earlyretirementguy.com
Image Source: www.earlyretirementguy.com

Self realization through God

I know it sounds complicated. But for self realization you have to connect to supreme source of life i.e “Supreme Soul” which is GOD. And for that you have to search for the source that can give you the divine knowledge and can connect you to the supreme soul.

Image Source: www.azquotes.com
Image Source: www.azquotes.com

All the best!

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