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Beauty Habits Every Girl Should Imbibe In Her 20s!


Latika Verma
No resemblance or inspiration from Latika of Slumdog Millionaire. Love to write is quite new found in this laid back life...

Most woman take their beauty and how to look beautiful for granted. But if you seriously want to look your best by the time you reach 20s, you need to imbibe certain beauty habits. We have for you today some beauty habits that every girl should know. A few tweaks here and there can make you look stunning.

Exfoliate the whole body


Most women will only scrub their face once a week. But if you want to look pretty all over you must ensure that you scrub your whole body, head to toe. It will remove all the dead cells and roughness. And when we say everywhere we mean the lips, breasts and underarms too.

A personal make up routine


By the time you are twenty you will know your skin tone, what suits you best and what does not. So instead of following global trends, develop a routine that suits you the best. A combo of the best BB cream, liner, lipstick and shade of blush.

The right cocktail of shampoo and conditioner


Please stop using the same shampoo and conditioner forever. Keep changing the brand every six months. Also have different products for the summer and winter.

The pillow cannot be ignored

Image Source
Image Source

Ladies not just any pillow will do, if you want to look pretty. Look for a small and firm pillow, and ensure you put a silk cover on it. This will reduce the friction and prevent breakage. Also wash it once a week, if you want to avoid acne and rashes.

Never sleep with makeup on

coconut oil

No matter how tired or sleepy you are, always remove the makeup before going to bed. Make a rule of cleaning your face before sleeping and stick to it for life. And use a good night cream and a hands cream for sure every night.

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