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7 Simple Ways To Interpret Someone’s Eye Contact While Talking?

Eye contact can be interpreted in many ways….sometimes it’s the symbol of confidence, sometimes it is construed as rude, sometimes it’s inviting and sometimes it becomes uncomfortable. Actually, it could be a lot more like attitude, attraction, eye talk, unwillingness to have a talk and the like. So, it all depends on the circumstances and the person giving it and also receiving it. KHURKI will explain you how it can be interpreted…

When it’s romantic

The most important is love interest. After all, it is the best use of eye contact or you can say the best way of communication in love.


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Sometimes, it can be taken as rude

Some people believe it to be offensive and rude if the guy in the front makes an eye contact. Here, the problem is at the receiver’s end because the latter may not be doing it in the way it’s been assumed by the former.


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Causing discomfort

This is circumstantial! Sometimes, the situation is not like that or you are just trying to make it but it’s only one-sided.  So it’s quite uncomfortable for that person who’s not interested.


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Convincing someone

This is the sweetest use of this gesture! Under this, you can find children with looking into their mother’s eyes filled with love and asking for her permission to go out for a tour. And the fact is it’s a kind of emotional atyachaar but the best part is that she allows you. 🙂


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It can be taken as your confidence

When you are in office or in some meeting, in other words any formal place, then it’s taken as a gesture of confidence unless you are not arguing with the boss.


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Could be attitude also

If you are the boss and are ordering someone to follow your instructions, that too in an authoritative way, then your workers can take this gesture you as your attitude also.

Unisys Data Exchange – An Introduction

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Threatening someone

Not to forget this one! You do it when you try to threaten someone. You must have heard this dialogue “Agar himmat hai to aankh mein aankh daalkar baat kar!”


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