It’s Time To Know The Truth And Myths About Cooking!


When it comes to food and eating, you probably hear a lot of truth and myths about cooking from your parents, friends, relatives and teachers. This is partly because they have grown up when there was different food information and because many food companies through their advertisements wanted you to believe certain things their way in order to sell their products. But time has changed and myths are easily busted. We bring you the biggest myths we heard in the history of kitchen. It’s time to stop believing and know the fact behind them.

Nothing will happen if you eat expired food

Myth: Expiry dates actually indicate that the product loses its quality and nutritional value. Rare exceptions from that rule are only non-perishable, shelf-stable foods and only if they were preserved accordingly.


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Never defrost food at room temperature

Truth: If you defrost food at room temperature, you should know that bacteria in food can double every 20 minutes. The safest way to defrost is in refrigerator.


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It’s not safe to eat food from dented cans

Myth: If the dent is not a sharp crease, the seal is not broken and dent is not on the top or bottom of the can, it’s not dangerous. What you should avoid are swollen or rusted cans.


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Alcohol completely burns off during cooking

Myth: After some boiling, 85% of the original alcoholic content is retained. After an hour of slow cooking – 25% and after 3 hour – just 5%.


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Leftovers can be kept for a week

Myth: You can keep leftovers for three days, no more. If you are sure you won’t eat your potato cake during that time, put it in the freezer.


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Eggs should no be stored in refrigerator door

Truth: Eggs should be stored in original container on a shelf in the refrigerator to ensure the temperature is cool and consistent.


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Refilling plastic bottles can be harmful to your health

Truth: Reusing plastic water bottles without washing them properly is a bad idea. To avoid bacterial contamination, so always wash the bottle with hot water, soap and a brush.


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Better to let food cool before putting it in the refrigerator

Truth: You should let food cool before you put it in the fridge. Otherwise, warm food will release heat into the fridge and warm up everything else inside.


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Adding oil to the pasta or rice will prevent it from sticking

Myth: Your pasta will only get slippery,causing all the sauce to run off.


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