Hilarious Video On Bank Employees Before & After Demonetisation!


The demonetisation has taken the nation by a storm. Whether it is good or bad for the nation that time would tell, but that’s all people are talking about. Go to any corner of the country that’s exactly what people are talking about. And besides, it’s Screen Patti team who knows this as well.

And that’s how they came up with this hilarious video. You don’t have to be told how the bank employees used to work before demonetisation. But since demonetisation, they have been working their a*se off for the kind of work that has been loaded on their shoulders by the government. But hey, everything has a hilarious view if you have the eyes of a comedian. No worries if you don’t, as this video will show you how:

Hilarious Video On Bank Employees…must watch!

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