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Texting Etiquette List Wish Every Mobile Phone Could Come With!

Nowadays texting is the new way of communicating. It’s more convenient and quicker than making a phone call or sending an email. Although there is nothing wrong to use texting as a tool to communicate with your friends, family members and colleagues, but just make sure to mind your texting etiquette. In order to help you maintain your reputation while texting, we at Khurki decided to give you an insight on most important texting etiquettes:

Be a prompt responder

We all expect to get an immediate reply to our text messages, don’t we? So try responding in a prompt manner. Being timely with texting shows a certain degree of etiquette in you towards the person texting.



Don’t text when you are out

We all have witnessed those crazy text addicts who don’t care about the people sitting next to them. A movie theatre or a play aside, such addicts can’t even resist to text during funerals or while attending prayers. You surely don’t want to be like them. It is bad manners to text while you are sitting with your friends or family members for a meal. It shows that they are not important to you.



Keep texts short

Texting is a quick and shorter way of communicating, so try keeping your messages short and sweet, but also avoid responding with one letter like ‘K’ most of the time. It sounds very rude.



Avoid texting important and sensitive news

If you have a piece of information which can be sensitive or important to a person, avoid texting it. For instance news about someone’s death or if you want to break up with your significant other. Such messages which have people’s emotions attached should be delivered in person or on a phone call.



Double-check your text and recipient before sending

To avoid the embarrassment of sending a text with spelling and grammar mistakes, take an extra second to double check the text. Autocorrect is not always correct. To avoid the awkward situation of sending wrong message to someone else, never rely blindly on the autofill function to add recipient, it’s good to recheck.




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