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OMG, This Is Why People Usually Have Sex During The Night!

This is weird but true. Mostly, people have sex during the night. Too many disturbing elements are there during the day which might create hindrance in your love-making act. But what is the obsession with the night. This question makes you wonder about a lot many things. Now that we are a leading country when it comes to population, we must acknowledge that our contribution towards this increase has been done during the night? Guys remember the 8 hours sleep necessity? However we tried to figure out about the possible reasons for it. So here are a few reasons why (possibly) people end up having sex during the night.

Night is the most romantic time of the day

have sex

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Night is indeed the most romantic part of the 24 hours day. That is the time when bright blue sky, goes black and starts glittering with stars. The heat of the sun is gone and the coldness of moon begins everywhere. May be these few factors let the beings go with the flow.

You are busy during day


The world is cruel out there, it gives responsibilities and bills to be paid. And for that you have to work and earn, and end up working all day. So most of the day, most of the people are busy earning bread and butter.

That is when you go to bed!


Bed the ultimate most preferred and comfortable place for love making. And night is the time when you go to bed. No wonder we are taught “early to bed, early to rise”.

Stress of all day


After the long monotonous battle of bread & butter earning you need a stress buster.

Opposite time cycle of being horny


The testosterone levels in males are at their peak in the early morning. Though they are turned on the most of the day, but that’s not the case with women. Females are horny mostly during the late evening and that’s when men are quite low on their testosterone levels.

Cover Image Source Huffington Post

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