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World’s Hit by Wanna Cry Ransomware Virus, Let’s Talk About Precautions…

Technology is always evolving. Every day, another computer or mobile phone has been released by some of the biggest technology giants in the world,...

Texting Etiquette List Wish Every Mobile Phone Could Come With!

Nowadays texting is the new way of communicating. It’s more convenient and quicker than making a phone call or sending an email. Although there...

Itching To Try Pokemon Go Game In India? Try This Jugaad!

Future is here pals! You will have almost definitely have heard of Pokemon before and the chances are you will have played it as well,...

Do You Have A Remote-Controlled Car? A Range Rover That Is!

Land Rover brings about a revolutionary App to control your SUV with a remote.

Gmail ‘Undo Send’ Option Activated After 6 Years Of Launch

Search engine Google-based emailing system Gmail has finally promoted the feature of ‘UNDO SEND’ on any email for the public. This feature would enable users to reverse their action of sending...

10 Ways Our Lives Changed After Cell Phones Became Our Friends

To say that cell phones have changed our life completely would be an understatement. Cell phones have not JUST changed our lives but overtaken...

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