7 Common and Acceptable Reasons Women End Their Relationship


Breakups are never easy, but at times it’s the most appropriate thing to do. If you feel you’ll be happy without your boyfriend, then you shouldn’t be feeling guilty or bad about it. After talking to many women, we were surprised to hear some perfectly acceptable and common reasons they gave for breaking up with their boyfriends. There were some who had to break up in spite of loving him to the core:

Loss of Spark

Sometimes, women have ended up dating a wonderful guy who treats them right and loves them in all possible ways a girl would ask for, but they don’t feel the spark anymore. Because for a relationship to last long, niceness is not the only important factor to stay with someone.

Feeling Like a Mother

Most women complained about the immature behavior of their boyfriends. Women don’t prefer men who aren’t serious about anything in their lives, be it their career to being punctual, to remembering basic things to do on a daily basis. She ended up acting like a Mom, reminding their boyfriend about everything. Being cute is good at times, but being immature and careless is unacceptable.

Lack of Physical Attraction and Satisfaction

The foremost thing in a relationship is sexual satisfaction, which comes with physical attraction. Women have called quits to a relationship where their sexual needs were unfulfilled and they found no physical attraction towards their partner. While there are several ways a man can increase his physical attraction, from working out to even researching how to increase his natural pheromones from a site like Feramones, it can be difficult to reignite that spark of initial attraction. Trying different positions, the inclusion of sex toys like dildos, vibrators, cock rings, etc., into the bedroom, engaging in some roleplay or light BDSM (obviously with consent!) could too, help improve the woman’s physical attraction towards the man. A threesome with a sex doll or as they call it, sex puppe in German, too could be a viable option to look towards to spice things up in the bedroom.

Started Liking Someone else

One of the reasons topping the list of breaking up is a change of feelings. Many women found it common to feel fond and attractive to someone with whom they could connect more. Instead of cheating on their boyfriends, they found breaking up a much better option.

Change in His Priorities

Women hate being ignored, many women say they broke up with their significant other when he stopped picking their calls, cancelled date at the last moment, forgot important dates like birthday and anniversary. This change ultimately made them feel ignored and caused their split with their boyfriends.

Financially Unstable

Right or wrong, women can’t date a man who is unable to provide them with a secure and stable future. A guy who can’t afford fancy gifts or outings, who is dependent on his girlfriend’s money, is a definitive no-no for girls. This was one of the reasons for girls to breakup!

LDR Suck!

There were women who were in a long distance relationship and gave an honest take on it, initially phone calls and Skype keeps up the relationship going but eventually you can’t get over the urge to see him face to face. Due to this, they started feeling lack of intimacy and decided to break up.

Parents Agreement

Among many women, there were a few who really loved their boyfriends but had to call it quits because for her parents’ unwillingness to accept him. Thus, many girls preferred breaking up for a better option than being constantly pulled between love of parents and boyfriend.

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Manisha Jessani
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