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Alert! Things You Must Know Before You Dare To Date A Taurean!

Taurus is the second zodiac sign. The symbol of Taurus is Bull so obviously they depict the symbol in their nature and behaviour. Taureans are the most simple yet complicated people. They will love you more than you would ever know. A Taurus friend can be the most reliable person around you. So if you are dating such a person, you should be thankful to destiny. But these are also the things that you must know…

They are stubborn

Well, if they think the sun is blue, they will not consider resting unless everyone around agrees. They are stubborn but not with every other thing in life. But simply follow the funda: My Way or the Highway”.

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Source Speaking Chic

They are Brutally Honest

Ask a Taurean guy the most dangerous “do-I-look-fat” question and brace yourself for a true opinion. It is also difficult for a Taurean to sugar coat their honesty. You may see it as a limitation but many would definitely see it as a quality.

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They don’t like surprises

Ha, do not even try doing that for a Taurean. Surprises are something they just don’t like. They would be happier to know what’s coming. They are security loving people, be it of any kind.

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Love routine

If you love routine, a Taurean can be a great companion for you, for life. They like to stick to plans, sudden changes, last moment plans these kinds of changes is something they would never want in life.

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They would love gifts of their choice

As they don’t like surprises, the funda includes for gifts as well. If you give them a gift of your choice, they would love like anything. And still if you want to surprise, act a little more smart. Ask them for their wish and days later try and surprise them with the same thing. P.S. Still at your own risk.

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They are super sensual

Now if you are one of those who like it wild or quickie. Taureans are not the kind. They are sensual and loves to take things slowly, with a hell lot of passion.

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Loyal AF

Taurus can be used as a synonym for loyalty. Now that person who can’t help but being honest can never be liar. And that makes them loyal towards their partner. Friends, family for everyone a Taurus is “always there” kinda person.

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Mostly calm but..

They are almost always calm but if you try to mess with them you are inviting a tsunami. They hardly lose their temper but if they do, it’s destruction. On second thoughts, it is DESTRUCTION.

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No place like home for them

They love to be at home. Home for one and all is all about comfort and Taureans have special love and concern for their comfort. They would never want to compromise with it.

anushka sharma

Cover Image : Times of India

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