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Things Expected Both Sides If You Want A Strong Relationship!

 A strong relationship is very difficult to build. Sometimes we say that it should be selfless love. But there are some things that need to be mutually discussed and understood between both of you, because these are some things that can act as a helping hand in maintaining a healthy relationship. So, it’s better to discuss them in advance. And better not to compromise with these things….

I’m with you

This sentence is expected every time by your partner every time he or she is feeling low. And these words have a better impact as compared to “I love you”.

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Trust between you

Trust between both of you is the greatest power of your relationship. Until it’s there, the entry of the third person would be prohibited, which is the best trait of any relationship. And trust is the strongest pillar of any strong relationship.

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Romantic cycling

Respect for each other

It should not be a formality, like it’s happening nowadays. When we see today’s relationships, this funda is actually followed. So respect should be heart to heart then it’ll automatically show to others as well. You won’t need to showcase it. It can be privacy, personal boundaries of your partner.

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Give time to build a strong relationship

Efforts should be from both the sides…. Make sure when you are with each other, there should not be any reason to disturb you – not even your own self. “Tujhme khoya rahun mein, mujhmein khoyi rahi tu, khud ko dhund lenge fir kabhi”.

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Team members for life

You both are meant for each other, so your decisions, your actions and everything should also be meant for each other. And it should be taken with mutual understanding. And if in doubt, leave it out.

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Honesty is the best policy

This is something that you need to be personally sure about, because it’s your own self that knows how much you are honest in any relationship. And your partner is obviously expecting this honesty from your side. And again it’s you who needs to deliver it.

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