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Finally, Some Savvy Tips On Making Your Paycheck Last Longer



Do you always find yourself out of cash one week before the payday? You’re not alone who has to survive the last days of the month eating instant noodles or travelling by bus because you have no money to buy fuel. Many people go through this situation every month and end up having to borrow money from a direct lender for a short term loan. Many of us struggle to make ends meet, especially if a big unexpected payment needs to be made. Using a short term loan can cover these costs and put your mind at ease until your next paycheck. When borrowing money isn’t an option, living from month to month can be a struggle. It can be something as simple as struggling to pay your water bill, we’re only human we need water, but often that bill can seem incredibly high. Which is why it’s no surprise that plenty of people are keen to find out how to switch your water supplier, as if they can save on this bill then that would help. Of course, there are plenty of other bills that people have to worry about.

If you’re looking to make monthly savings so you can stop struggling as much, you will probably want to see if you can save money on bills, such as your energy bills. The best way to do this is by using a comparison company who know the best electricity deals one can find. You could spend hours contacting different providers, comparing prices yourself and seeing how cheap you could get it. Alternatively, you could let a comparison site do all the work for you. By looking for different providers, like these Reliant Energy plans, you will most likely save yourself lots of money. Try using these tips to stretch your salary from month start till end.

Draft a Budget

This should be the very first thing to do when planning to save money and making your paycheck last longer. This will help you figure out where your money goes, making it easy for you to adjust and plan your spending limits for a day.

Source: usnews

Treat yourself at Month end

It’s tempting to go shopping when you get paid, but before you treat yourself, it’s a good idea to wait till you have paid your monthly bills for food and essential utilities. This way you will get to know how much cash you are left with and can spend accordingly.

Source: wellorderedlife

Plan your Conveyance

You can save money by changing how you go to work every day. Instead of going alone in car, try the options of carpooling, traveling by bus or metro. If you live nearby, try walking to work every day. This way you’ll save money and stay fit too.

Source: wisegeek

Sharing Accommodation

If you stay alone and spend most of your day at work, it might be a good idea to shift in a sharing accommodation. Staying with a roommate will divide your expenses like utility bills, you can even opt for monthly tiffin and share with your roommate, resulting in instant savings.

Source: postadsuk

Use Cash Instead of Card

At the start of month, when you go grocery shopping try to take physical cash instead of your debit or credit card. The moment you see money disappear from your wallet you will try to cut on your shopping list and will only buy the most important and useful things.

Source: bidetime

Shop by List

Before going shopping, make a list of things you need to buy and stick to it. This way, if you are tempted to buy something you will refrain yourself from picking it. If it’s not mentioned in the list, it’s not needed.

Source: Corks and Knives

Unplug Chargers

Even if you’re not using your mobile or laptop charger, but a charger which is plugged in uses some amount of energy. It’s not going to use much, but if you forget to unplug daily, slowly it will pump your monthly electricity bill. So, make a habit to unplug all the chargers once your device is charged.

Source: cashify

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