Sorabh Pant’s Rant Is A Slap On Shobha De’s Face!


Yes, we have seen how Twitter roasted Shobha De for being herself. But we are not going to say or roast her any more like Sorabh Pant and Twitterati. Well, if you don’t know the story, Shobha De did something what she is famous on internet for, i.e. uttering bullshit. This time she targeted the athletes struggling for a medal in the ongoing Rio Olympics. Not for themselves but for the nation.

Once again, she tasted the roast on Twitter and made a fool out of herself. This is what she tweeted about the athletes working hard for the nation.

As far as we think, this what she is asking for indirectly..and she got it. Why don’t you just tweet “Roast me please”!

There were many such tweets, but here is one video from Sorabh Pant. This guy made a lot of sense about how this whole idea of being a Shobha De in life was a mistake. He teaches her and other haters the lesson they should learn before uttering anything bad about the players.

Also, he added, making fun of players is good, but you don’t have to be shooting off your mouth.

Sorabh Pant’s Rant Is A Slap On Shobha De’s Face & Other Haters!

You know what the irony is? Comedians are making a lot of sense and writers are uttering nonsense. 

Power to athletes!


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