Do You Know Why Being Rich Sucks More Than Anything Else!

Health is wealth, an old saying clearly explains life’s ultimate truth. As per Buddha, the cause of all suffering is desire. And money though capable of fulfilling desires, ends in increasing them to infinity. The ability to buy is increased with amount of money increased, thus it results in increase of desires. Money is an important factor of today’s world, but not the only need. Overheard a youth saying “paisa hee sab kuchh hai aaj kal ke time mein” made me write this blog.

Nobody is born to pay bills, so are you not. We train ourselves our entire lives to be best at paying bills, producing kids and training them for the same. But do you think, those rich people we envy are enjoying their life to the fullest? So for those who think money is what makes you happy, this will definitely make you re-think!


6. Difficult to differentiate b/w price & value

A rich person would be able to calculate or pay the price of many things JLT. But in most cases, it will take years to understand the value of things you bought.