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You Know You Are In An Emotionally Abusive Relationship When…


Manisha Jessani
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It’s very difficult to notice the signs that you’re in an emotionally abusive relationship. The simple reason being you have your love glasses on which makes you to either ignore or stay blind to such signs. Being in an emotionally abusive relationship can hamper your self-esteem and confidence to an irreparable extent. It’s very important to recognize the signs of emotional abuse before the abuser breaks you down and crushes your uniqueness. Here are 8 warning signs that you’re in an emotionally abusive relationship that will help you identify one..

He wants your attention 24*7

This might sound so cute and loving but it’s not. If a guy stops pursuing his life and liking or hanging out with his boy gang and always wants to be around you, it’s a major sign your relationship is headed in the wrong direction. I don’t deny the fact that in the first few months of the relationship, couples desire to hang out together but if you rarely find time for yourself, it’s a clear sign that he is trying to rule you.

He commands and makes rules

He will always act like a dictator and expect you to follow his rules. He won’t let you hang out with your girls group but would conveniently hang out with his guys whenever he pleases to. This is clear sign you are in an emotionally abusive relationship.

He keeps you away from your loved ones

Losing contact with the people you love like your friends and family is a major sign you’re being emotionally abused by your partner. Suddenly, you’ll notice your world revolving around him and his needs. Very smartly he’ll force you to choose between him and the other people you know.

He takes your liberty away

When your boyfriend demands to know where and with whom you are going out and wants to know your outing plan in detail and if ever you go out without telling or asking him he gets very angry, you know he is being ruthless.

He uses silent treatment

Whenever your boyfriend gets angry with you, he will stop taking your calls or reverting to your messages or e-mails and he won’t even tell you the reason behind getting mad.

He fills you with distress

A healthy romantic relationship makes you feel secure and supported. But in an emotionally abusive relationship, you don’t find any of these. Instead, you feel endangered and hesitate to do things without taking your partner’s permission.

He makes you doubt your self worth

In an emotionally damaging relationship, your partner will make you feel like nothing. He will lower your self esteem and confidence to an extent where you start to doubt yourself and start finding flaws and shortcomings within you.

He even gets bodily

An emotional abuser will not hesitate to raise your hand at you, as physical and emotional abuse go hand in hand. You might ignore the first encounter, thinking this won’t happen again but the truth is he won’t hesitate to hit you again if he has done it once.

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