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It’s The National Puppy Day in USA. Similar to Kiss Day In India?

Well if you are thinking of the real time pappi, then sorry you took it wrong. But hearing this word, undoubtedly all Indians will think of a Kiss. That’s how crazy our mind is! Wish we could have a day with the Hindi title also. Though the Kiss day is dedicated with the same purpose during the Valentine’s week but it’s the National Puppy Day in USA.

A day dedicated to the ever time friend who always elevates our mood if it’s bad and brings a smile with their ever sweet, cute and naughtiness. Puppy comes as a new born baby comes to a new home. From birth and buying top rated puppy food, to going on their first walk in the park and getting into their first fight, over time, puppy starts becoming like a member of the family and all dog lovers will agree how special they are to the family. We can agree that all puppies are the cutest ever, from golden retrievers to australian cobberdog we can not get enough of their cuteness, so no wonder there is a day dedicated to them. On the occasion of National Puppy Day I also read some special moments of people who are dog lovers. That just brought in a thought to get home one.



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Dogs are the most trusting and joyous creatures on the planet. Oh, to be more like a puppy – Colleen Paige (Founder of National Puppy Day)

They are the best examples of a friend. A friend who will never cheat on you and the one you can always trust. In their company, you’ll never be bored as with them you can play all day long. Bringing a puppy home was what struck my mind. Seeing these beautiful pictures I am sure you would have thought the same. All they ask for is to be loved and looked after. A simple way to do this is to make sure you get the perfect dog food for your puppy to keep him/her healthy, happy and loved! So on this day let’s Love. Rescue. Adopt a puppy. If you do adopt a puppy, it could come with some adverse psychological issues due to previous owners. To work through those it might be a good idea to consult Dog Savvy Los Angeles to work towards having a happy, interactive puppy.

Happy Puppy Day Folks!

Tony Thomas
Tony Thomas
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