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Know These Lame Pick Up Lines With High Success Rate?


Devashish Vaid
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Choosing right pick up lines is more difficult than choosing the right girl. And on an Indian street, asking a stranger out might end up in a chappal attack. But there’s one guy who knows the right way to impress a girl.

No, he is no casanova with super amazing pick up lines, but just a guy next door with super cheezy poetry. Oh you read that right, it works, not on all but few. If poetry like “roses are red” can get you a girl, anything on this earth would do. All you need is just a little confidence.

In this video by Tyoubers this guy on the streets of Bangalore asks girls out and their phone number. The best part is that he even got a few numbers. You might also get lucky, but only if you try the trick.

Stranger Girls Phone Number With Lamest Pick Up Lines!

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