Breakup or Wakeup? 

Sometimes good things fall apart so that better things can fall together. Life has much more to offer than we all think. It is beyond our imagination. Dealing with a breakup could be a pain for some and cake walk for others. But if you are looking to deal with it, congrats step 1 is done and you are open to a happily ever after. Music is the best medicine, as it not only heals you but cleanses your soul. When in love, music has always been there but why not have it when getting out of it. Never be sad for what was once yours, move on grow up and discover better things in life. And add background music to your life with this…

Love songs you must tune in to for inspiration after breakup…


In Dino

Ilaahi Mera


Hai Junoon

Yun Hi Chala Chal

Dil Dhadakne Do

Phir Se Ud Chala

Zinda Hoon Yaar




Aas Paas Hai Khuda

Love You Zindagi

Sometimes we fall in love and get into a relationship, falling in love was perfect, but may be you weren’t meant for a relationship. May that is not it, there are plans for you better than you think. Life is beyond one person and you need to immediately understand.

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If you keep re-reading the last chapter of life you will end up ruining many more. Chapters which are yet to come, which are better and will help you grow as person. No matter what, life is a beautiful gift and you better not ruin it for one person. Always remember nobody is world for anybody, this world is big and beyond your imagination of BIG. There is lot more to explore…


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