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Red Beacons Are Gone But VIP Culture Hails In Himachal

Shimla May, 20: While the red beacon from VIP vehicles are gone, the VIP culture was still in vogue as was evident from the actions of the police which directed the residents of Chakker area where BJP state office is located, to remove their vehicles parked on the roadside for smooth passage to carcade of newly appointed state BJP in charge Mangal Pandey.

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Early in the morning the police started calling the residents on their cell phones to remove the vehicles parked along the road. “I was getting ready for office when my maid servant came and told that policemen want me to remove my car so that the vehicles coming with the BJP in charge Mangal Pandey and other BJP leaders could be parked near the BJP office Deep Kamal”, said a resident seeking anonymity.

“When I asked that whether the place has been declared no parking zone, the police replied there is VIP movement so the vehicles should be shifted to some other place”, he added. Another resident said that though a majority of people staying in the locality are BJP supporters the party programmes happening every now and then had became a nuisance for the residents as their normal schedule is disturbed.

The place is congested and when big programmes are organised, the residents face great inconvenience. However, shop owners in the locality were a happy lot as huge rush of people boost their sales. All roads leading to the BJP office turned saffron with BJP flags flying high and workers with garlands lined up along the road and dancing to the beating of drums and folk music to welcome Mangal Pandey.

The BJP workers waiting for Pandey were heard gossiping that Pandey with administrating skills and limited exposure with the Himachal BJP cadre was preferred over leaders from Uttaranchal and Delhi who have better knowledge of the hill topography to give new direction to the party cadre and tackle factionalism. However, there was a general opinion that the environment of the state would be “mangalmay” and in favour of the BJP.

Himachal Khurki
Himachal Khurki
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