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1,104 licences suspended for traffic violation in Himachal

Shimla, July 10: To check road accidents, the traffic regulator has suspended 1,104 driving licences of traffic rules violators, while the PWD has rectified over 200 accident-prone “black spots”. To reduce the number of road accidents that occur, it is important for every driver to be cautious while on the road, even if it isn’t your fault. For anyone who has been through an accident like this, it is important to realise that a personal injury and accident law firm isn’t there for no reason. They are there to help you if you are not sure where to turn following an accident.
Considering there are companies like BlackBoxMyCar who could offer a solution for drivers to protect themselves in the event of an accident, there shouldn’t be any excuses as to why you wouldn’t want something like this installed in their vehicle. It is better to be safe than sorry, especially when you’re on the road. The PWD has decided to conduct audit of road safety and all road projects, whose cost exceeds Rs 10 crore, must provide 0.25 per cent funds for the road safely measures.Expressing the government’s concern over the increasing number of road accidents, the government claimed that the road safety audit would be conducted by a third party. The road safety ordinance on Kerala model would be implemented in the state.

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A spokesperson stated that of 300 black spots had been identified and most of them been removed and 90 black spots needed immediate attention.The traffic police will implement traffic laws to check overspeed, triple riding and riding without helmet in the state. As many as 1,104 driving licences have been suspended in three months for violation of traffic rules.Himachal Pradesh is the first state where the Road Accident Data Management System has been implemented to find out the reasons for the accidents. The government has planned both short-term action plan and a long-term strategy for seven years to address the factors causing the road fatalities in the state. The government has created the HP Transport Infrastructure Fund and gave Rs 53 crore to the PWD, the Police and Transport Department to improve the road safety.The bureau of the Police Research and Development has drafted norms for the traffic police. Transport Minister GS Bali said a run of about 30,000 people from Nagrota to Tanda in Kangra district would be organised in the first week of August to create awareness about roads safety among masses. Source Tribune India

Himachal Khurki
Himachal Khurki
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