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Why Can’t Guys Understand A Few Things About Girls?


What is the issue any guy could have with his girl? Think about it…. Hmmmm, well it could be the emotional nature of the girl. Any guy is always on the lookout for a girl with least emotions. I don’t mean an emotionless person, but more like a person who is chilled out and isn’t possessive. Unfortunately, they don’t understand that if a girl truly loves him she will definitely act insecure. And, sometimes she will be possessive about you. The guys need to understand a few things…

I care so I cry..

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Source Pinterest

It’s been believed by guys that every girl is born with crying or emotional mechanism, but this thing has changed over time. We have learnt how to control our emotions but sometimes things just get so hard that the only option with which we are left our tears. May be our crying do make things hard for you but for us this is last thing with which we can hold on you.

We are not melodramatic


WHY IS EVERY GIRL SO DRAMATIC? Not every girl is born with this melodramatic quality. Some just don’t show it but when it comes to you it just pops out of nowhere. I am sorry but I just fell for you and have started behaving like this. For some reason, you are the one who matters!

We are with you because of love


If a girl is giving her best to keep the relationship, the guy is expected to understand that she is here only because of one emotion she has been carrying in her heart for you – love. It is not because she’s desperate or a psychopath, being by your side is enough for her.

I need you


No matter how strong your girl is, there comes a point when every girl gets shattered. In such a case, it won’t be easy to get the same girl back. Things can turn out differently if only her partner stays by her side to make her realize that she is not alone and there is someone on whom she can rely upon. Instead of making things hard for her by leaving her, stay and make things work.

I care so I call & text…


One thing that annoys any guy is calling and texting of his partner. I am really sorry if I act as a pain but a few things can’t be helped, like your absence which makes her anxious about you and takes possessiveness to another level. Maybe you can find a girl without this calling and texting thing, but you can’t find a girl who can love you like me.

Money isn’t everything


Money is important for survival but not all things can be taken over by your bank account. After all, some bucks can’t give me the person whom I LOVE and is missing and wishing him to be by my side. I do love it when you pamper me with gifts but when I compare your importance with importance of those gifts, you always weigh more.

I do see us


If you are asking the same question over and over again, things can get annoying. Let me make one thing clear, if I am by your side that only means one thing……Now, what can it be? It means I do see us together forever and am all set to do anything that needs to be done to be by your side.

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