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How Grooms Wish Their Brides-To-Be Would Not Know This!

You might have been dating this man since a long time, but there is a dark side to him that he will never show you. We are talking of a side which is very personal to a man, and there are some things that he will hide from you too. And if you ask us, these secrets are best buried. But by now you must be super curious, so check out our list and get ready to be shocked.

Most men like to drink and smoke

And most of them want to admit in front of their wives that they enjoy doing it. But since women fuss so much about it, in most cases they do not admit.

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Image Source

They think it is their right to check out other women

There is no harm in appreciating the beauty around us, but just because women take it in the wrong sense, they never share this with them.

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Image Source

They in most cases do not approve of the arrangements made by the girl side

Most men are very independent and like to do things their way. But since women get really touchy about this, so they never bring it up.

They find the saali and jija jokes really lame

Most men wish that they cut short the pampering and the leg pulling. The suffocation can get too much to handle in most cases.

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Image Source

Most men love sports and they love to go out with boys

That’s fair enough, they need to be boys on some days. So just let them be. And just like the woman they want their ‘me’ time too.

They can’t remember the names of any of your friends

And you cannot blame them, since you introduce every woman as your best friend.

Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
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