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Good Men Don’t Do These Things In A Relationship…


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There are plenty of discussions on the internet on how good men or ‘real men’ who are emotionally stable and well-adjusted behave in a relationship. We at Khurki feel that these seven characteristics will never be found in good men.

They don’t pick on your looks

A good man will never pick on your looks in any way. He will never depreciate your appearance by saying “you would look better if you lost a few pounds” or “you should apply more makeup”. If he is doing so, he is intentionally trying to lower your self confidence.


Source: www.pinterest.com

They don’t invade your privacy

It’s true that there is no need to hide anything in a healthy relationship, but that doesn’t mean your man finds ways to check your messages and e-mails when you are not around. A good man will never raid your social life, someone who does this is showing his insecurity and distrust in you.


Source: www.puretalkusa.com

They don’t discourage your endeavours

A good man will always support your dreams and ambitions, he will always be ready to encourage and guide you in every possible way to achieve your desired goals.


Source: http://www.bloomberg.com

They don’t treat you as an option

A relationship shouldn’t be the only thing in someone’s life but it should definitely be a vital part. We have heard many stories where men only remember their partners when they are free and don’t have anything else to do. A good man will never ignore his personal relation over his social life circle.


Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

They don’t cheat

Good men will always maintain trust in a relationship. They will never cheat because cheating means breaking a promise he has given to someone he truly loves.


Source: www.huffingtonpost.com

They will never disrespect

Good men know how to uphold their temper. He will never use abusive language or disrespect you publicly or in private.


Source quotesgram.com


They don’t get into unnecessary conflict

At times, in a relationship there are conflicts which should be discussed immediately and some situations which should be ignored to maintain harmony. A good man knows how to maintain balance.


Source: www.bustle.com

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