Why We Should Not Boycott ADHM Only Because Of Fawad Khan?


With hatred reaching its zenith on both sides of Indo-Pak border, it’s the film industry that is bearing the brunt. Recently, many political and non-political organisations served ultimatums to Pakistan actors to go back to their country. Along with, they have also raised the demand for boycotting upcoming Aye Dil Hai Mushkil ADHM.

You can cast your opinion: Cast Your Vote: Should Pakistani Artistes Be Banished From India?

Such decisions are to be taken by the government and should be left to it. But boycotting films is not a new concept in India. Earlier this year, top stars like Aamir Khan & Salman Khan had faced boycotts. Now whether Pakistani artistes should be sent back till the situation improves or forever is a debatable question. Similarly, boycotting our own local production Ae Dil Hai Mushkil (ADHM) and Raees would be of no use for various reasons.

It’s not just about one man

The fact is Fawad Khan is not the only star in the film. The film is being completed by the efforts of not one but a lot many people. It also includes the effort of those who worked on per hour wages for ADHM. So don’t spoil it for one man.


Source: www.dnaindia.com

Aishwarya Rai’s comeback

She is one big reason to watch ADHM. As we would see her romancing on the big screen after a long time. Well, who wants to miss her in the best avatar she always fits best in.


Source: www.stardust.co.in

Ranbir Kapoor the Rockstar

Remember the last time he played a singer? That was Rockstar and he is doing it again. This guy deserves your love.


Source: indianexpress.com

And of course, Anushka Sharma

She is again one star who is a lead in the film industry. Talks about gender equality in the world of film and entertainment. Above all, she has always proved to everybody that she is one great entertainer in Bollywood.


Source: bollyboxoffice.in

Losses will be of our people

If the boycotts results in losses, it would be of our people not Nawaz Sharif. So make sure if you do something against somebody, it affects him/her but also a whole lot of other people.


Source: www.chitramala.in

The film is already being shot

What’s the point in not letting someone work here if he has already done the work. For future, it might make sense but not for a product that is in the making. Of course, when you see him touring the cities for promotions of the film you might not like it. But that’s not happening in any case. So no point boycotting film.


Source: indianexpress.com

To see or not see a film is entirely the viewers’ discretion. All we are saying is that you should protest against something and not the innocent.

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