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Do You Need Reasons To Take Road Trip From Manali To Leh?


Priya Aurora
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We know…we know…the internet is full of nostalgic stories of people who went to Ladakh. But we still want to talk about it today, as there is so much that you can write about this mystical land that beckons every weary traveller.

When you travel at 18,000 feet, you forget about your nagging wife, your cheating husband and your ugly neighbours. Go take a road trip from Manali to Leh this year, because Khurki recommends it.

1. Spend a night at Naggar and be thankful that Roerich made India his home

Roerich Art Gallery

2. Walk to Malana, not for Malana cream, but to see the descendants of Alexander up-close


3. The Arjuna Cave will let you break away from the chaos in the Manali city


4. If you don’t stop at Rahala Falls, you will be dumbfounded when other bikers will talk about its beauty


5. Take the bridge and cross over from modern Manali to old Manali. It’s like two different worlds

old manali_khurki.net

6. Stop for Chai at Khardungla and be thankful for this life


7. Stop to see the Buddhist architecture dotted all over the hills and respect these resilient people


Let’s get you some buzz from Leh…

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