Excited About Your First Drive Date? Khurki Helps You Impress Her!


Going out on a date is not a simple thing. You need plans that are effective and can give you the perfect first drive date. One thing that you have to be sure about is that she likes you because that’s why she agreed for a date. Now your job is to make her like you even more. You have to be yourself but exercise care is being completely yourself.

We all have flaws but working on them and improving ourselves is life. Easier said than done, but what is to be done? Assuming that you are taking for her long yet not so long a drive. There are things that you should to make her feel comfortable and fall for you even more. We totally don’t advise you to fake things, but try and keep things go smooth. So there are things you must be considerate about before going on a drive date…

Wearing The Right Thing!

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It is very important to wear something nice, that suits you on your drive date. Also you gotta make sure that you smell good. Not just body odour but you have to take care of bad breath also, make it a point you eat right.

Getting Your Car Ready

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A breakdown is romantic only in films, but in reality it is what people call ‘Bad Impression’. Also keeping the car neat & tidy, car perfume should be neither too strong nor too mild. And driving with care is a MUST!

Being On Time

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Yeah it is no office meeting or your morning lecture of college, but it matters. You being on time will definitely make her feel that the date matters to you.

Getting Some Good Stuff for her

Do take a small token of love, something she cannot resist to accept. Think of some cute little stuff like a cool key chain, a pendant or a toy.

Perfect Music

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Most important if you know her choice then well and good, otherwise do carry the right kind of music. A backup plan like a music app should definitely be there except your own playlist.

Right Route & Destination

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Very important for drive date, route should be perfect that you are taking, neither too isolated nor too crowded. And obviously there has to be something special about the destination.  And even if you had been there with your ex, don’t mention it!

Appreciate her

The moment she gets in, you need to have a broad smile and welcome the beauty. And after a while when the mood is right & she is comfortable enough, compliment her.

Talk About Women

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Ask her is she wants to drive, and you may talk about how women are stereotyped for bad drivers. Yeah if you are a stereotypes only, then better keep quiet on women issues.

Drop Her Back On Time

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Like picking her on time, dropping her back on time is also very important. Obviously, don’t push her to go back, ask her what is fine with her, and go accordingly.


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