Your Crush Is Your Colleague? Do These 10 Things To Get Noticed!


So your heart is saying something…Oh! it starts beating when you see him. Is that guy your colleague? Hmmm…means situation is complicated. So you have a crush on someone at your workplace whom you are desperately trying to impress? Hey girl, mend your ways as your over excitement can spoil the game before it begins. So it’s better to play safe and follow these 10 instructions that KHURKI is giving you to catch his interest.

Positive vibes

Smiling is something that shows your happy-go-lucky attitude. Smile is always positive and a smiling face is enough to send out positive vibes.


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Your good attitude

Your looks may be killer but if you carry a rude attitude with you all the time, it won’t help you. So it’s better to keep that to its minimum.

Stand out

Don’t try to take the “group as an advantage” or should I say “group as a shield” to protect you, as it’s not always good to play the safe side. Life is all about being yourself. So if you need to stand out with your point, then do it. After all everybody needs footage.

Don’t be the drama queen

Little bit of it can be taken but a lot of drama, no! Nobody would like it. You can be a part of drama but don’t be the drama queen.

Your confidence

This is something which is not only for him but very important for your personal growth as well. And there’s no doubt that your confidence will attract him also.

Be a good listener

Listening is also very important. I can understand that being a girl you love to express yourself but sometimes a good listener also leaves a good impression.

Outlook is a matter of concern

It always is and will be. Because the first impression on your colleague will be made with your outlook only that will excite him for further conversations and meetings with you.


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IQ matters

Sitting in a group when you’re asked about something, it’s not necessary that you should be aware of everything but you should be aware of something about everything.

Be a little naughty

You should keep the child inside you alive. As any naughtiness will add up to the fun in your life and the people around you at your workplace.

Don’t be over excited, have patience

You could be having a crush on someone at your workplace but don’t you dare give him any sign as after that chances are that he’ll start ignoring you. So give him and yourself some time and let the bond of friendship flourish.

Amrita Garg
Amrita Garg
I love solving puzzles, coz i'm a mystery myself. I'm an exploring addict cause getting in touch with nature gives me answers, sometimes...okay most of the times!


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