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Blamed For Something You Haven’t Done? This Is How You Deal With It!



Life is unfair? Wait till you get blamed for something you haven’t done. Making someone believe that you are innocent is not easy, no wonders lawyers make so much money. But here it is not about legal wrongdoings, but bits of life we all face.

A small situation which gets bigger because of judgments & preconceived notions. And your reaction to it can probably make things worse. You even end up feeling guilty of something you haven’t really done. So what is that you can do about it? Are there various options with you? Well sadly no, but thankfully a few options are there to help you.

Who’s Who?

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Who is judging you? Is it somebody you care about or just another person in your life. This is really important, because if it is somebody who matters to you, you have to make efforts. But if it is not like that, then don’t give a damn buddy. You are wasting your time.

Not To Worry If Dear Ones

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Never ever be in an impression that it is okay to get people wrong. There are all the chances that you can also be on the other side of the table. And blame someone for nothing. Because at times it is our dear ones and all you have to do is hang on! They will understand and even if you are losing the battle, it is worth it. As it’s worth more than your relationship.

Real Culprit!

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If you know there is a real culprit behind what you have done, bring him down. Drag him by the scruff of his neck and prove your innocence. Because you ain’t going home with doubt inside your head of being wrong!

Words Won’t Be Enough

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If someone is blaming you that way, then do not try and use just your words. You need proof and logic, and a witness if it requires. No matter how good of a convincing master you are, the action speaks louder than words for a reason. So prove yourself right with actions.

Do Not Panic

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This should have been up there on the top of the list. Anyway better late then never, so always remember do not argue or show anger or any form of panic emotion. You will end up being guilty as charged. If you haven’t done anything wrong, you just don’t have to worry.

Don’t be Stupid

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Don’t get too obsessed with the situation that people can see desperation on your face. And do not do anything worse or stupid to make things right. As that would be the verdict of it and you will be proven wrong forever.

Some Random Facts

  • You cannot please all.
  • You cannot be in everyone’s good books.
  • It is better to rise your voice when it is needed, not before or after. It dilutes the seriousness.
  • If we think too much what others think of us, we are fools. Nobody cares. Who has interest to think about others all the time?
  • Indifference is the best punishment for people who criticise unnecessarily.
Happy Reading, and wish you are never be blamed for not being wrong!

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Devashish Vaid
Devashish Vaid
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