Ghost Riders of Himachal Roadways…referred to in one word ‘respect’!


You go for a road trip to Himachal in your fully equipped SUV and you think you are an achiever? You go on a bike trip and you think your experience is kickass? Well, let me introduce you to the real dare devils, the drivers of Himachal Roadways (HRTC) buses.

What adventure and adrenaline is for you, is a daily job for them and it remains like that for years. You are responsible for yourself, but they are responsible for dozens of families on a daily basis. You trust yourself, but people show blind faith in their driving skills. We simply cannot compare ourselves with these legendary Himachal Roadways drivers, who drive on the most dangerous roads of the world DAILY!

This video is a tribute to those brave hearts, the Ghost Riders Of HRTC:- 

One word for all of them RESPECT!


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