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Absurdity At Its Worst: Chinese Brat Makes Bitch Wear 2 Apple Watches!



This Chinese brat has a bitch that wears 2 Apple watches !!

Yes, you heard us right. His DOG wears two watches, while most of us can’t even afford one. And no his dog can’t read the time!!!

Well, God is extra generous to a few of us. Money can make the world go crazy and there couldn’t be a better example of this. We are talking of Wang Sicong, the only child of the wealthiest man in China. Wang Sciong actually took the absurdity a step further and posted a picture of his dog with this message-“I have new watches! There should have been four watches because of my four long legs, but in case I look too ‘tuhao’ [mannerless wealthy chinese], it was decided that I should wear two but no fewer, or it would not fit my status. Do you have one too?”

Senior Wang was criticized by the media in China for his son’s rude comment and the picture. The mockery of the common man did not go down with many. While speaking to media, the arrogant father was quick to blame his son’s behavior on the Western influences.

The celebrity dog Keke has its own account on Weibo and has 800,000 fans online. Once the picture went viral there were funny comments on it.

Husky wears two Apple

While most people criticized Wang’s insensitivity towards the needy and poor, others were jealous of a bitch with 2 Apple watches, with no utility whatsoever.

This world is a crazy place.

Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
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