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Chinese couple’s 10th anniversary photo shoot in India, most adorable stuff on internet today!

We recently shared a blog on the photo shoot of a couple celebrating 65 years of bond. and this time we have a couple...

Americans Just Don’t Get The Chinese Way Of Eating. Do You?

National Day of China today...

OMG, It’s Criminal In China If You Save Your GF Instead Of Mother!

OMG. What's with the other countries...

Love Your Dog, But Khurki Bets It Can’t Do This?

Love your dog? Do you train him too? What all have you taught your dog? You must have given him potty training...ball grabbing...stick picking or...

Absurdity At Its Worst: Chinese Brat Makes Bitch Wear 2 Apple Watches!

This Chinese brat has a bitch that wears 2 Apple watches !! Yes, you heard us right. His DOG wears two watches, while most of...

Chinese Co. Takes 6400 Staffers On All-Paid Trip To Paris, Enters Guinness!

Chinese conglomerate Tiens, which is celebrating its 20th birthday, took 6,400 employees on an all-paid holiday to France. The biggest-ever tour group to visit France received...

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