YouTube Is The New Age Entertainment Option…Enjoy!

Tired of keeping up your schedule with one of the TV series or just too cranky about Torrent? Guess what, you’ve got a great deal to watch on the YouTube too and it’s absolutely loveable and one of the ‘premium’ sorts! Here’s a list of eight such YouTube series:

Bang Baja Baraat

Guess what happens when a conservative Brahmin parents of the groom meet modern divorcee parents of the bride. A perfect ensemble of a wrecked wedding with puns and punches that will tickle all your bones, from sangeet to bachelorette party, this production of Yashraj Films is just amazing.



What if we tell you there’s a version of Carrie Bradshaw in our India solving fashion mysteries while working for a fashion magazine. Call her Bandra’s Byomkesh Bashi, this intriguing series will keep you on the edge of your device’s screen till the end.



Three words – Delhi, Booze and a midnight food delivery business. This might not sound much interesting but this one’s a fun roller coaster ride of three teenage boys and the atrocities they face in the funniest way which come along in their life to score chicks and earn some extra cash.


Sex chat with Pappu and Papa

This might not sound appropriate enough for some age groups but trust me, this is a must watch for all. This one deals with interactions of a father and a son where the son named “PAPPU” amidst his adolescence asks his papa the forbidden questions of universal facts of procreation and sexuality. His father, in a paradoxical situation, is handling the same with hilarious examples and honest to God similes.


Better Life Foundation

We all must’ve watched, realised and laughed while watching the AIB videos with its recent fame from “AIB ROAST”. Famous for their sarcastic humour, this one is based on the struggles of an NGO and its volunteers which is funny, ironic and stars Kanan Gill. Enough reasons to give it a try!


Permanent Room Mates

A clichéd couple in tacky situations and above all, an ugly breakup! Enough said, this series will teach you the moral lessons of adjustment and sacrifice while not making you fall asleep.


Life Sahi Hai

Did you love Pyaar Ka Punchnama 1 and 2! Created by the same makers, this series also focuses on the life of four young men and their ideologies and experiences with women. This one also features Suhail Nayyar as Jasjit, who was also seen as Jassi in Udta Punjab. Punches so funny and relatable, this one will become your favourite in the blink of an eye.


Ladies Room

Ladies room revolves around 2 BFFs ironically in a ladies room (in each episode) dealing with their so-called catastrophic lives which gets chaotic, nasty and just too urbane. It may sound like a chick flick, but even guys will appreciate it.

These are my personal favourites but YouTube has a lot more to explore!