Why One-Sided Love Should Be The Last Thing On Your Mind!

Love is in the air but when it is one-sided, it is only in your head. You are no Rumi or Ghalib, so you ain’t good with poetry. And even if you are, use your energies on a positive note. One-sided love is the second most common thing after breathing. So first thing you need to realize that one-sided love is not something cool and unique.

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And the idea of being sad and lonely when in one sided love situation is all f**d up. Love is about happiness and joy, not the sadness or tears of pain. If not happy with yourself, and not happy for your own well being, spreading love is not your cup of tea. So never ever think of being in love which is not reciprocated.


8. You feel neglected

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You will always feel neglected, even when you are not being neglected. That person has the most important value in your life, but vice versa it is NOT true.