Yes! Friends With Benefits Can Fall In Love, With Each Other!

One of my friends asked me this question, ‘Can friends with benefits fall in love’? The answer to this question is ‘Yes’ love can happen! Every Friends With Benefits relation starts with having fun and sexual relationship, but we all are humans who can develop feelings. You never know when you are going to fall for someone. You don’t know when sex becomes love making. In a lot of cases, one person starts growing feelings for the other and sometimes both. If both, then yeah FWB can turn into romance. Khurki gives you a few reasons how FWB can lead to love & to best relationship.


1. When your FWB starts caring for you

There are different types of FWBs. There is one who just meet up and have sex, then there is this type of friends who like to hang out, watch TV together, sit and talk to each other and then have sex as a bonus. Love starts when you too actually start taking care of small things of each other instead of just hooking up.