When it comes to military might, our country is full of strength and courage. Life of every single soldier can be turned into a blockbuster biopic. Also where there is a military man, women are bound to be seen too. It is a common notion that women are attracted to men in olive green.

The statement holds more truth than you can imagine. The best part about it is that they don’t even have to tell about their profession. Their personality speaks volumes about it. For those who think it is just ‘the uniform’ or may be good body shape, there is much more to it. It is thus taken for granted that those who make your borders safe and take care of nation’s security will definitely give you insecurity. Because your dating game would be too small in front of a man in olive green.

Why women find men in olive green irresistible


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Do I even need to explain this? These people are known for their loyalty. It is their sheer loyalty towards life that makes them different from just guys. It’s not just you they are loyal towards, it’s their family, duty, nation, army, colleagues – everyone. The level of commitment and loyalty towards so many things makes a woman immediately fall for a military guy.

True Gentlemen

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For those women who say chivalry is dead, you must meet a man in a uniform. Things which might sound cliched, like holding the door open for her, pulling a chair or showing respect. But the way military men do it, it comes naturally to them & it seems like a part of their personality.


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Those Ray Ban, crew cut, straight back, high head, quick and clear speech, confidence, well it is certainly very clear. Military men are quite stylish the way they are. With their attitude, they can put any so called stud to shame. Their style game is so high that a woman dating a military guy always tends to show it off among friends.

Good Listeners

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This one quality is what every woman looks for in a man. But it is rarely found. We should just accept the fact that most men are bad listeners. But then there are men in uniform, who are certainly good listeners. Not just that they would only listen to you but will come up with the best of advise.


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Protection is a part of their job, not just the country but family and love. You might feel like a spoiled girl for the amount of protectiveness comes from your love. Being protective is like a default setting, no matter what they will always be protective towards you. And that is certainly what women appreciate and truly adore.


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No matter what, intelligence is like black, it is always in, always sexy, and loved by all. The experience, training, seniors, habits, there are many sources of intelligence of a soldier. And intelligence is always respected, accepted by not just women but everyone.

Problem Solver

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Fixing a car in the middle of nowhere to fixing a leaking tap, they are certainly a solution to almost every problem. Don’t believe me? Watch ‘The Lucky One’ you will know the efficiency of military guys. From national to domestic, they can solve all kinds of problems.


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Well this is something you can definitely expect from somebody who is in the army. They are mature enough to advise, to take care, to make decisions, commit, et al. Maturity is sexy for any woman. No matter how cool that humorous dude can be, he will never be as classy as an Army guy.

They So Want To Commit

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There is a huge difference between another guys and men in olive green, and that is the will to commit. They are so busy and stressed with their lives that they truly crave for love of a partner, family, children. They want that every time they come home, it is full of love waiting for him to return. And that is certainly most liked by women, and they end up falling in love.

No matter if it’s Navy, Air Force, Army – Indian men in defense services will definitely steal your crush!


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