Trip Tips For A Woman Foreigner Solo Traveller To India


The truth is solo travelling in India as a woman can be quite dangerous and scary. As a foreigner, you will certainly draw more attention.

At first, you will probably be shocked of the Indian lifestyle. It’s one thing to come to India, but it’s another thing to feel free, safe and joyous. Read these tips and tricks to feel free and enjoy your trip without standing out too much.

1. Learn to say basic words like hello, how are you and thank you in the native language. People will be very surprised if you address them in their language. They will appreciate that you made an effort to learn their language….

2. In certain parts of India, people are very conservative. They will definitely stare at you and you will be the centre of attention.

3. If you are wearing revealing clothes, cars will actually stop and men will stare. Try to keep your white skin covered, especially at local markets and rural areas. Take your cue from what the local women wear. But you must know that for foreign girls, even wearing a shapeless sack may not ward off unwelcome advances.

4. Make some Indian friends. They will definitely show you around and you will feel safer being accompanied by a local. They can speak the language and guide you through the city.

5. When you have to buy some things, shopkeepers will try to charge you more. But when you are there with a local, they won’t dare.

6. Stay with a family. Indian people are very hospitable. You can be sure that by the time you wake up, there will be breakfast and tea waiting for you. Another advantage, you can save some money and travel more!

7. Learn how to deal with Indian men. Don’t give your contact details and be aware of their intentions (good or bad).

8. Avoid walking alone at night. You will not only elude the men, but also the mosquitoes.

9. Pack light and spare your back. But it can also assure your safety. Nothing says ‘rob me’ like someone who’s carrying a large bag struggling along the side of a street. As a woman, you can even keep your money in your bra. No one will find it.

And remember just by using your common sense, being confident and trusting your ability to travel on your own, you’ll be rewarded with rich experiences — and some amazing stories to tell your friends. Yes, they will be envious!!

Heleen Castel
Heleen Castel
An international semester exchange student from Belgium, currently studying Journalism in Chandigarh University!


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