Want To Lose Weight? Easy Tips To Control Sugar In Your Diet!


When you decide to lose weight, the first thing that comes to the mind is cutting down the sugar intake. It’s okay to enjoy a bit of your favourite dessert at times, but it’s necessary to keep a check on your sugar intake, not only for the sake of your weight but also for your dental health too – watching your sugar intake paired with regular appointments with your Dentist Yuma will set you on the right course. Once you are able to curb your craving for sweet, you’ll surely feel better. Consuming excess sweet stuff can accelerate many health problems and most importantly shows on your skin too. Khurki cares for your health, so here are a few tips to help you slash sugar intake from your diet:

Read food labels


You will be surprised to know that most of the savoury foods you buy contain sugar. By reading the nutrition labels, you will get to know that your pasta sauce, salad dressing and bread contain some amount. If a food item has sugar in the beginning of the ingredient list, it’s better to limit its consumption.

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Choose water over beverages


Grab a glass of water instead of beverages like soda or fruit juice to quench your thirst. We often make the mistake of confusing dehydration with hunger. Try drinking two glasses of water instead of munching on some cookies and you’ll realize you were thirsty not hungry.

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Pick natural sugar


It is better to satisfy your sweet tooth with natural sugar found in fruits or dates. Fruits contain natural sugar and has fiber and essential minerals and vitamins necessary for a healthy diet. Eating a fruit platter will curb your temptation to have a doughnut or a cupcake.

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Limit sugar intake gradually


If you decide to remove sugar completely from your diet, it will only set you down the road to binge more. Instead, plan to cut on it by decreasing the amount you add in your cup of coffee or tea. You can also choose natural sweeteners like honey or apple sauce to prepare cookies.

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Select unsweetened products


It is recommended to avoid processed foods to eradicate sugar from your diet. Many food manufacturers have started unsweetened variety for products like apple sauce and flavoured milk. If you buy canned food, look for ones that are canned in water or juice base and not sugary syrup base.

Source: http://www.smuckers.com/

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