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6 Cool Ways To Express How Much You Miss Someone!


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We need to offer something special to special people in our lives. Right? Here are different ways you can take your “miss you” messages to something more than just texting. Special people are always special no matter how long it has been you haven’t seen them. But at times these special people deserves special gestures. And in this tech-savvy universe this is what’s needed to be done. The modern day expression of internet with the flavour of “I Miss You”. KHURKI brings you the cool ways to express how much you miss someone.

Movie Maker – Photographs and you are done!


Grab some of the most memorable photos, spice up with witty captions and melodious music on movie maker and send the same for some amazing remind!

Set a nostalgic caller tune for that very “special caller”


“Where the fields are green see you once again….” Be it your mom, dad, sister or lover – every relation has a song which connects us with past memories together. Time to play it baby!

Instagram/Twitter/Facebook to rescue


Tag the person and share past memoirs as a cute reminder and token of love. To say the least, Whatsapp status and DP related  to that person would work perfectly too.

Visit your common hangout place, click pics and share


Be it the sandwich stall where you and your best friend hung out every evening or the bench before the sea where you sat with your darling, snap the same and share with person to bring back those moments of joy.

Pen down a poem, paint or sketch or a letter!


In case you love expressing through poems or haikus or you can paint well, put your talent to good use and pour your heart out. If nothing else, grab a fresh paper, pick your pen and write a letter expressing how much that person is missed. Today in the world when emails have become so common, receiving a hand-written letter, opening it like a scroll and reading it has it own charm, isn’t it?

Smash it across


What good is technology till not put to good use! Dubsmash on a miss you dialogue or “intezar” song and send it right away! And then, just watch the blues melt…


Any other unique way you have ever tried?? Share with the other Khurkis liek you…

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