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Katyayani Kapoor

Made on Earth, professional procrastinator, Westlife loyal, insane and fabulous!

Top 5 Checks You Need When Picking Up A Makeup Remover!

We women love makeup, don't we? And, why shouldn't we? It enhances our beauty, accentuates our features, highlights our best and boosts our confidence!...

9 Funniest Things When You Have A Guy Best Friend!

Click "Next" to Start... Wish this could be as true as it sounds. But people are always after ruining your happiness. Earlier, it was considered normal when people...

6 Cool Ways To Express How Much You Miss Someone!

We need to offer something special to special people in our lives. Right? Here are different ways you can take your "miss you" messages...

9 Awesome Reasons Why You Must Learn To Play One Musical Instrument!

For the soulful me time When you really want to treat yourself with some quiet time with “you” To create that composition only for that someone...

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