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Pssst….Makeup Tricks Every Woman Must Know!


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No matter what any one says, a little makeup does help to boost your confidence and makes you feel so much more in control. But you must know that makeup done incorrectly can make you look like a clown. So if you have any doubts about how to look like a winner, just check our tips.


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Do not make the common mistake of applying the concealer on the eyelids. It will only mess up the rest of your eye makeup.


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When you apply foundation, use your fingers if you want a sheer look and a brush if you want a polished finish.

Loose powder

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Application of loose powder should always begin from your T-zone. And over all, just dust your face. You don’t need too many layers of it.


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A bronzer should be applied on the face, neck and the nape. And once you are done, step back and ensure that it has been applied evenly.


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Most women end up looking like red monkeys due to wrong application of blush on. All you need to do is smile, and apply it on your cheek bones. Move the brush towards the ears first and then move it downwards. And no woman blushes eggplant!


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Image Source

If you feel the need to apply a brow pencil, then ensure you highlight the upper portion and not the lower edge.


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Yes, we all know how to apply lipstick. But please do not make a cupid on the top of your upper lip, and ensure that you don’t go out of the corners of the mouth.


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Image Source

A good quality mascara gives the best look when pressed till the roots of the eye lashes. And when you come up, follow a zigzag pattern, do not come up straight.

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