Things We Must Change In Our Constitution ASAP!

We all know that there is nothing in this world which we can call perfect. The world is full of imperfections. Honestly admitting, one such big imperfection is the Constitution of India. We are fighting intolerance these days, not realizing that there are some non-acceptable things in our very own Constitution that we have got used to tolerating for no good reason. Why can’t our legal system change? People are being put in prison for things falsely, and people are not being put in prison for things they should be. Falsely putting someone in jail results in a criminal record, which is unjustifiable. At least in places like Canada, they have pardons to release them of their criminal record to go about normal life, which they can access at Pardons in Canada, but I doubt people are being imprisoned for the most ridiculous things like they are here! When will we get justice?

KHURKI brings you the things that must be changed in the Constitution…


9. Euthanasia

The fault in our legal system and the helpless criminal law followed by the police is why we have not been able to get this incorporated in our system. People who bear the burden of karma like paraplegics or patients of terminal ailments should have the right to terminate their lives. It is different from suicide. Countries like Belgium, Germany, Colombia, Luxembourg, Japan, Albania have already legalized Euthanasia.