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Can You Relate With The Sufferings Of A Joint Family?

Marriage we all know brings along a lot of changes in the lives of couple, especially for those who decide to live in a joint family. And, one such change is the lack of ‘WE’ or ‘ROMANCE’ time once they return from their honeymoon. I am sure there are many of you suffering or going through such a situation, ones who could not find enough time for each other as they live in a joint family. What are these issues or sufferings, Khurki would like to elucidate…

No Public Display of Affection

Couple always get afraid to show some love in front of family. There is only secret romance, kisses behind closed doors and secret hand-holding sessions.

When the grandmother realises what this movie is all about.

You Can’t Have One Full Day To Yourself

Lols forget being out for late night parties with your hubby because you cannot step out of the house till you inform every member of your family – right from mother-in-law to father-in-law to all the other laws. I really pity 🙁

idiva joint families

Sex Is Possible Only After Others Sleep

You can forget about your own desires when you stay in a joint family. It happens (if it does) after everyone else has gone off to sleep. And it has to be a quick affair before someone gets up to go to the bathroom and hears you.

Kitchen Takes Half Your Day

Forget about kitchen romance and making Maggi-chai for two. Meals are a five-course affair and you better know how to cook it all.

idiva joint families

Privacy? What’s That? Lol 😉

Someone is always present in the house to disturb your privacy and you can’t fight the feeling that someone is going to walk in any minute.

idiva joint families

Family Planning’s Done By Everyone Else

Forget all travel plans or career goals, as you will be made to have a baby as per the family’s expectations, which could be within like nine months of your marriage!

Nanny to Others’ Kids

You are designated the unofficial nanny of others’ kids till you don’t have some of your own. They expect you to cancel your plans and take care of their kid while they go out.

Walking Around In PJs Will Become An Alien Concept

You can’t really relate to this concept.


Amneet Kaur
Amneet Kaur
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