Watch How Society Is The Barrier Between You & The Creator!


In this modern world marred by incidents of terrorism, rape, money and murder, You and I are far away from the creator. He who gave food for all, shelter & resources for all. But somehow humans have learnt to create the idea of possession and selling and buying. The whole purpose of life then changed, to earn, pay, ruin, and die. Do you also think that it is you who is trapped in the gory realities of life? Or are you also struggling for the holy touch of the creator? So, if your belief of God, that he will protect us, save us, fight for us is not dead yet, this is it. This is you, me and all. You will not wonder why this video reached millions of us.

The Barrier Between You & The Creator!

Goosebumps, right!?

After the video another experience…


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