Scandalous Fashion Choices Of Hollywood Celebrities

fashion choices

Fashion disasters, malfunctions, odd costumes, bizarre headgear, bold statements, unexpected brawls and much more can be seen at Hollywood events and ceremonies.


With Miley Cyrus hosting the MTV Video Music Awards 2015, controversy was surely expected. But the moment this bad ass babe turned up at the music awards gala, everyone watched in shock!

She wore an almost natural outfit which barely covered her modesty, but certainly made eyes pop and jaws drop.

She  changed 11 dresses and among the wackiest ones were a pink latex skin tight one,different sized magnets and a see through bubble creation.

Khurki takes a look at some other outrageous and downright extreme ensembles that stars donned for red carpet events…

In 2002, Toni Braxton wore a skimpy Richard Tyler dress for the Grammy Awards.

At the VMAs in 1998, Rose-McgGowan wore a mesh-and-chain dress.

Cher’s colourful fashion history is still remembered by her outlandish get-up included a flamboyant feather headpiece for the Oscars.

Rihanna walked the red carpet at CFDA Fashion Awards last year in a fishnet and crystals ensemble.


2015 Met Gala saw Beyonce Knowles wearing a jeweled Givenchy outfit

Bleona, a recording artist followed the footsteps of Rose McGowan for the AMA awards but went pretty much unnoticed..!!

Bleona Qereti

Any comments on the celebrity fashion choices, anyone?


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