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Prabh Gill’s Latest Song Is Rocking The Charts


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Prabh Gill..!!

Haaaah…the moment I say this name I have a lovey face with a dovey smile and my heart goes like awwwww…he’s such an adorable singer..!!

Mere Kol Prabh Gill-khurki.net

This new track of his ‘Mere Kol’ is yet another super romantic number. Already among the top playlists, this one’s a sure winner..!!


The song has been penned down by Jaani and the music composition is done by the ace producer B Praak. The video has been conceptualized by Punit S Bedi and Mohit Middha.

The video is already a hit and is the most sought-after song at the moment. As we can see from the link, it’s about a love triangle with a psycho twist…wherein ultimately the lover gets killed in the end and so does the psycho woman.

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