Prabh Gill’s Latest Song Is Rocking The Charts


Prabh Gill..!!

Haaaah…the moment I say this name I have a lovey face with a dovey smile and my heart goes like awwwww…he’s such an adorable singer..!!

This new track of his ‘Mere Kol’ is yet another super romantic number. Already among the top playlists, this one’s a sure winner..!!

The song has been penned down by Jaani and the music composition is done by the ace producer B Praak. The video has been conceptualized by Punit S Bedi and Mohit Middha.

The video is already a hit and is the most sought-after song at the moment. As we can see from the link, it’s about a love triangle with a psycho twist…wherein ultimately the lover gets killed in the end and so does the psycho woman.

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