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Admit It: The Lies Parents Tell Their Kids!


Priya Aurora
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Do you think there are any lies parents tell their kids?

All parents are creative artists in a way. Kids bring out their imagination and enhance their story telling skills. They have to think of lies, imaginary characters and funny anecdotes to discipline their child, make him eat spinach or to just toilet train him or her.

In this creative and funny journey, they sometimes come up with the most vague stories. We have some to share with you today, read on and smile.

1. When my daughter was younger, I told her that every time she lied her nose will grow


2. The remote controlled car only gets one set of batteries

3. You are just allowed to speak 5000 words in a day. After that, you need to shut up


4. When you want to sing in the car, just let me know – we will stop. So that the whole world can hear you

Born to sing the blues

5. The fish on the racks in the butchery are just taking a nap


6. Pulp fiction is boring movie on oranges and jam


7. If you fiddle with your navel, a button might get pressed and all your food will spill out


8. Mommy has two eyes behind her head too


9. Daddy can’t feed you, as he has no boobs

Baby Feeding


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